How would you like to explore Switzerland and Europe?

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We asked this question to ourselves when we first came to Switzerland around 7 years ago. During all these years we got the chance to see Europe from the eyes of the locals and doing exclusive off-beat experiences. We would like to share our learning with you so that you would be able to make a memorable and a unique holiday.

It is always motivating to visit as many countries as possible in Europe because it is so well connected, but the real purpose of holiday is to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Over touristic places are becoming more crowder day by day. So you need calm holiday destinations to remain exclusive. If you long for Indian food for e.g., then we know the best restaurants and arrange catering as well. Moreover in today’s digitally connected world, you are supposed to look and do differently when holidaying. Based on all of the above, we discovered that travel to Europe needs a transformation by offering Authentic and Unique Experiences including interaction with locals & catering to preferred food habits.

This lead us to today, where we are now offering theme based holiday packages and unique experiences. We do not have any 3rd party service providers. We serve you end to end in the most seamless manner.

We will offer you the exclusivity and unmatched personalized services strictly tailored to your needs and desires. When you travel with us, you are always supported no matter what you wish.